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Exclusive Dealers in the Middle East for Fireplaces, Barbecues, Pizza Ovens, Roof Tiles & Claddings with unbeatable quality and prices.
<p>Ooni Pizza Ovens</p>

Ooni Pizza Ovens

#1 Pizza ovens worldwide, now available in the Middle East and GCC

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<p>Invicta Cast Iron Fireplaces</p>

Invicta Cast Iron Fireplaces

High quality fireplaces made in France with optional barbecue grill

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<p>INVICTA FRANCE Wood Stove</p>


Exclusive high quality wood stoves

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<p>Dimplex Electrical Fireplaces</p>

Dimplex Electrical Fireplaces

Heating between 20 and 30 sqm

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<p>Evonic UK Electric Fireplaces</p>

Evonic UK Electric Fireplaces

Modern fire for your modern home

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<p>OFYR Holland barbeque and grill</p>

OFYR Holland barbeque and grill

A new experience awaits you with OFYR

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Wood Stoves

Enjoy the fire, get warm and prepare your food. Everything with one single appliance!

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Wood Fires

Quality fireplaces from Europe at unbeatable prices, our fireplaces are guaranteed & certified to last a lifetime. 

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Gas Fires

Just a small exhaust to the outside and your gas fireplace will be ready to use.

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Electric Fires

Electric fireplaces can be installed anywhere with the most realistic flame technology.

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Ethanol Fires

Bio-Ethanol are vent free fireplaces and can be easily placed in any room.

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Central Fires

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Outdoor Fires

What could be more attractive than having a nice conversation with your friends, gathered around a fire!

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A diverse variety of outdoor barbecues and grills to enjoy your outdoors!

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Pizza Ovens

Wood or Gas fired cooking for a great experience. Level up your pizza game no matter where you are!

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Roof Tiles

High quality and variety of European roof tiles.

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Wall Claddings

A diversified range of indoor and outdoor wood panels, bricks and natural stones.

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Everything you need to enjoy your fire!

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International Store

Pizza Ovens, Barbecues, Grills, Outdoor Fires, Fireplaces... available for online shopping in the Middle East.

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