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ARKIANE Wood Central Kephren Grillage 4 Faces

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The Kephren pyramid, built many centuries ago, stands next to the great Sphinx, and still mystifies those who observe it.
Arkiane has created a new concept with this timeless form: a fireplace without any apparent smoke shaft, a marvel for your entourage.
Here, everything is but flames and beauty, freedom, calm and serenity.

The secret:
Four tubes hidden behind the amounts of cap suck fumes which are taken outside of a horizontal tube connected to a chimney.

This new concept of flue from below, with a vacuum draw, you can freely choose the location of your fireplace: central position, or at an angle. The horizontal pipe can either pass on the ground, hidden under a platform or in the floor or in the basement or crawl space.

Besides the beauty of Kephren, you will especially enjoy the view of the fire from four sides and the comfort of radiant heat from the ground. (A modern fireplace).


Output 12 KW
Room Size / Heating Volume 250 
Weight 196 Kg
Material A 33 - 3 mm
Glass 4 mm ceramic glass (750 °C resistance)
Joints Ceramic joints
Log length 70 cm

4 side grating
Cover cap extension panel
Draught vacuum 1200 m³/h


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