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FOCUS FRANCE Wood Fire Central Bathyscafocus White Open

REF - BATHYSCA-WHITEMade in - France

Specific features of the white paint:

The high-temperature white paint used for these models applies only to open wood fireplaces that are installed indoors (the white paint is not compatible with the outdoor finish).

The satin finish of the white paint allows the surface (when cold) to be cleaned with a wet sponge. If the paint needs to be retouched, this should be done exclusively with the Focus spray paint supplied in the kit provided with the model.

For obvious practical reasons, the inside of the firebox and the edges of the hearth opening are painted in matte black paint.

Important: When the fireplace heats up, the paint yellows slightly. This variation in colour is normal: once the fireplace cools down, it will go back to the original white. Over time, the tint will undergo a slight variation in colour.

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