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FOCUS FRANCE Wood Fire Central Grappus

REF - GRAPPUSMade in - France

Hearth Width: 54 cm
Performance: Starting 8 Kw
Efficiency: 81 %
CO Emission: 0.08%


Grappus from Focus is the winner of the Red Dot Award for the year 2014.

Statement by the jury:
"Grappus combines formal independence and sophisticated functionality in an appealing manner."

The individual components of the Grappus wood-burning fireplace are arranged in a rhythmic structure. The hearth is mounted at a comfortable height for users forming a counterbalance to the wood storage box. The wood is loaded through a side-mounted flap giving the front view a purist look. The self-supporting, triple-insulated combustion chamber is made of steel and vermiculite. It draws its combustion air from outside. The fireplace is designed for the use in ultra-low energy houses. The glass panel stays clean during the combustion process.

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