• Wood

    Different types and shapes of wood fireplaces: closed, open, stove, central, frontal and much more... with high quality and efficiency.

  • Gas

    Just a small exhaust to the outside and your gas fireplace will be ready to be installed, with ceramic logs or pebbles it will look very realistic!

  • Electric

    Why not enjoying the look of a fireplace if you cannot install any exhaust? Electric fireplaces are your solution.

  • Bio-Ethanol

    Composed of biological products, with flueless bioethanol fireplaces you can now enjoy an open fire more easily than ever before.

  • Pellet

    New generation of pellet-burning appliances that are cleaner burning, more efficient, and powerful enough to heat any modern home.

  • Outdoor

    What could be more attractive than having a nice conversation with your friends, gathered around a fire on a sultry evening!