• Closed Fireboxes

    Made of cast iron or corten steel our hearths offer environmental performance and high efficiency.

  • Open Fireboxes

    Mainly for outdoor use, easy to install open hearths that give you pleasure while watching the flames.

  • Inserts with Turbine

    Inserts with blowers help spreading the heat faster all around the house.

  • Water Heaters
    Bring economic and convenient method of wood heating into the 21st century.
  • Stoves
    More than 70% energy efficiency and between 3 and 14 KW heat output heating up to 224 Sqm.
  • Stoves with Oven

    Enjoy the fire, get warm and prepare your food. Everything with one single appliance!

  • Centrals

    "Fire belongs to the beholder!" Central fireplaces giving you a warm atmosphere.

  • Frontals

    Corten steel wallmount fireplaces heating up to 17 Kw.