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KRATKI POLAND Wood Fireplace Nadia 10 Kw Lateral

REF - NADIA/10SIZE - 68 CmMade in - Poland
€1,057 €1,761
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Heat output

10 KW

Hearth Dimensions W x H x D

61 x 48 x 47 cm



Flue diameter

200 mm


134 Kg


Front body and the cartridge, made of steel sheets, are designed to work in high temperatures;
Laser-cut steel elements, bent in the bending machines CNC
Hexagonal shape of the combustion chamber;
Insert fitted with adjustable legs for leveling a fireplace;
It's possible to manually change the standard right-sided opening of door to left-sided;
Insert fitted with a sliding door handle (optionally a door closing system);
Fireplace without grate - the combustion takes place over the entire width of the fireplace;
Air clean glass-forming system limits the deposition of soot on the glass;
Regulation of primary air supply for combustion;
Movable exhaust outlet made of cast iron with regulation setting of 360 degrees (it can be directed either backwards or upwards);
Combustion chamber lined with Acumotte;
Warranty - 5 years.
Homogeneous material with constant and repeatable qualities
Fast and high combustion temperature for a clean, low emmision burn rate and a clean glass.
High temperature resistance up to 1200 °C
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