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  1. Italkero Burner 130 cm
    [ITALKERO BN013A0]

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    Lenght 1307 mm
    Height 140 mm
    Depth 296 mm
    Net weight 19.5 Kg
    Gross weight 20.5 Kg

    Independent gas appliances for heating environments. They feature an atmospheric burner with combustion chamber TYPE B with open flame.
    The combustion air is drawn directly from the room where the appliance is installed.

    The discharge of combustion products may occur in direct connection to the asterno, size Ø18cm MIN.
    In view of their small size, they can be installed in very compact spaces and ensure a greater well-being of the heated environment.

    The natural convective movement permits quick heating of the environments from when the appliance is switched on.

    An electronic board controls all the main functions of the appliance and automatically interrupts the gas supply in case of a fault.


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